Lil Wayne has to pay up in private jet suit

Rapper Lil Wayne has to pay $2,003,200 for the judgment in a lawsuit brought against him by the owners of a Gulfstream II private jet he was leasing. After making payments on time for a while, the singer of Lollipop just stopped covering the sky-high bills. The breach-of-contract and unjust-enrichment lawsuit, filed last year in a Miami-Dade County court, shows he agreed to a 36-month, $55,000-a-month lease contract with the Miami-based private jet company Signature Group. Weezy was also to pay maintenance fees of $1,980 an hour, with a 30-hour monthly minimum, plus $500 per landing and, of course, fuel and on-board goodies. And before he started flying all over the world, the seizure-prone singer had the aircraft outfitted with a custom-made bed and fancy medical equipment. The lawsuit shows the checks stopped coming in early 2014. Signature considered cutting him off in mid-2014, but Lil Wayne, whose real name is Dwayne Carter, convinced the company to let him use the plane. Lil Wayne was finally grounded after he racked up $1 million in unpaid bills. That amount grew to $2 million during an audit and the application of 18 percent interest fees. Lil Wayne tried to have the lawsuit tossed this summer, to no avail. The singer’s people and Signature finally reached an agreement Thursday, according to a source familiar with the case. Neither Signature’s attorney, Miami’s David M. Goldstein, nor Lil Wayne’s attorney commented.