J Balvin just dropped his new album and he celebrated in Miami

Reggaeton star J Balvin has his cake and ate it too
Reggaeton star J Balvin has his cake and ate it too

Colombian reggaeton hitmaker J Balvin was on the Miami party circuit Thursday night, celebrating the release of his new album, “VIBRAS,” first with a private release party with Univision Radio and then with his closest friends at an Es Nuestro Momento Celebration at Komodo.

In 2016, Balvin teamed up with Buchanan’s Whisky for the “Es Nuestro Momento” (It’s Our Moment) campaign in celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month and last night it was Balvin’s moment as he was feted for being a huge crossover star whose music is entirely in Spanish, VIBRAS, included.

Reggaeton star J Balvin has his cake and ate it too

It’s all about the vibes,” he told NBC News. “It’s an album that we made with so much love–proving and showing the world that Spanish is becoming the new.”

The new what? The new new.

When the album officially dropped at midnight, Balvin was treated to a parade of Buchanan’s and two cakes decorated with the cover of his new album. His upcoming tour kicks off during Hispanic Heritage Month later this year.
As for bridging the language barrier, Balvin says, no hay problema. “Even though you don’t understand what I’m saying, you are going to really feel it. The same thing happened to me when I used to listen to English music. I didn’t even understand one word. You know? But, it just makes me feel great.”
We feel you, J Balvin, we do.
Case in point: Kanye West. Poopity scoop, huh?