One of Telemundo’s biggest stars faces a $2 million lawsuit from her former partner

Ana María Polo
Ana María Polo

Dr. Ana María Polo, presenter of Telemundo’s “Caso Cerrado,” faces a $ 2 million lawsuit over the rights to the name of the television program.

The lawsuit was filed by the show’s former executive producer, Marlene Key.

The news was announced by the actor and journalist Erich Concepción and producer José Antonio Orta, co-founder of “Caso Cerrado.” The two provided evidence that the lawsuit was underway on the show “El arañazo online” on Somos Miami TV.

During the interview with host Omar Moynelo, Concepción said that, according to his sources, Dr. Polo transferred all of her property to Key at a time when Polo was ill.

“There is a lawsuit for the illegal use of the name ‘Caso Cerrado,’ which is in Marlene’s name, and for the withdrawal [by Polo] of an account of more than half a million dollars. All this is flavored by the way Ana María Polo confronted all the members of  production staff that maintained a relationship with Marlene,” said Concepción, who then told El Nuevo Herald that he revealed the details of the case on Moynelo’s program because “it’s about a public figure that everyone wants to know about.”

El Nuevo Herald was able to verify that the lawsuit was filed in 2016 and that the case is still open.

For his part, José Antonio Orta, corroborated  that after the break-up between Polo and Key “a few years ago, an atmosphere of tension was created in the studio that  made it impossible to work in peace.”

“It was impossible to go to work because everyone was friends with both of them. One did not know what to say. Every day we faced a new chapter. It felt  like a ‘Caso Cerrado’ segment,” Orta said. “Ana María drove Marlene out of production and that destabilized the program, to the point that it never went back to being the same well-oiled machine. The program has lost between 40 and 45 percent of its audience. ”

Concepción added that the show “probably won’t return to the Telemundo line-up after the World Cup.”

“As of today [June 14, 2018] ‘Caso Cerrado’ cedes its prime time spot at 7 p.m. to ‘Vive el mundial y más’  to celebrate the daily historic coverage of the most anticipated and in demand  international sporting event, which will only be broadcast in Spanish via Telemundo, the FIFA World Cup Russia 2018,” said David Alvarado, Vice President of Entertainment and Advertising for NBCUniversal Telemundo Enterprises, without offering further details.

“This lawsuit is an unfortunate attempt to damage the image of Dr. Ana María Polo and to affect her well-known creativity, as well as the success of her show ‘Caso Cerrado’,” said publicist Paola Marín of Santa Cruz Communications. “For this reason, she will respond with all the weight of the law to these unsubstantiated allegations in order to obtain their resolution through the corresponding legal channels. There is a confidentiality agreement ordered by the court that Dr. Polo will respect. “