Justin Bieber was in Miami for Jesus, but he hit the club anyway

What happens when a born-again pop star and his model girlfriend head to Miami for a church conference?

They go to LIV and the W South Beach, that’s what!

Yup, Justin Bieber and Hailey Baldwin, in town for the VOUS Church conference, did visit two types of churches over the weekend. The first one was the kind where people find Jesus. The other is where folks drink so much holy water they may find themselves praying to the porcelain gods at the end of the night.

Bieber was seen Friday and Saturday nights at the W South Beach. On Saturday Biebs was seen throwing a few back at the bar with pals. Magician David Blaine was also there, randomly.

On Sunday, Bieber and Baldwin hit LIV, where they were spotted by paps around 1 a.m. Bieber sported an oversize black hoodie and red plaid pants despite the sweltering South Beach summer sweat-fest, and Baldwin demurely in a silver slip dress with, er, Adidas sneakers, hoop earrings, two diamond necklaces and slicked back hair pulled into a low bun to avoid the humidity.

In da club, the couple – which broke up in 2017 when Biebs went back to ex Selena Gomez and Baldwin moved on to Shawn Mendes – was spotted by fans in a skybox.  Our snitches and social media addicts caught them being very “flirty” and “dancing on each other,” holding hands and showing lots of affection.

“Justin kept putting his arm around Hailey all night long,” says the snitch. The duo didn’t hide, staying until 3 a.m. when they left holding hands and got into a black Escalade.

As for how long it will last, God only knows.