You won’t believe who pops up in Lil Pump’s ‘Drug Addicts’ video. Or maybe you will.

Lil Pump, you caught us by surprise.

The Miami rapper, born Gazzy Garcia, just released a video for his latest song “Drug Addict,” and it features a famous costar.

Charlie Sheen.


We’re not used to seeing Sheen in music videos; probably the last time we saw the actor on YouTube was back in 2011, when he was ranting about being fired from “Two and a Half Men.”

This may be a good career move for the controversial star.

In the vid, Sheen plays a psych ward doctor wearing a white medical coat and a name tag that reads “Dr. Sheen.” He and the “Gucci Gang” singer walk through the hallway with a cart administering “medication” to drug addicts.

“I’ve been smoking since I was 11. I’ve been popping pills since I was seven,” admits Lil Pump in the controversial track.

The two men then start to party with the patients, as well as with sexy nurses, popping pills, smoking who knows what and laughing. What kind of hospital is this?

All we know is that this is a genius casting move by Lil Pump.