Did Chris Brown know the cops were coming for him? He just spent a bunch of money on a bulletproof SUV

Chris Brown is playing Coral Sky Amphitheatre Thursday night and we’re a little worried about him, TBH.

The “Don’t Wake Me Up” seems like he may be concerned for his safety.

TMZ reports that Brown just dropped $350,000 on a souped up SUV that is (wait for it) bulletproof.

Technically, it’s a tank, a Rezvani Tank,  described as “an Extreme Utility Vehicle built for any off-road and on-road challenge.”

The gossip site reports that the bad ass vehicle includes such protective features as thermal night vision; electric doors that shock bad guys when they touch them; and a function that sends out smoke to look quasi invisible during a getaway.

All this trouble seems a bit ironic, since in the past it’s been Brown who has allegedly the aggressor. Are we right or are we right?

The singer is in the midst of his Heartbreak on  a Full Moon tour. His most recent release is “To My Bed.”

It’s pretty, um, sensual, with lyrics that include: “Close the door, and take your clothes off where you are. I turn you on ’cause I love to see you glowin’, yeah…Naked before we hit the stairs. Can’t even make it there.”

Seems like Chris is a lover, not a fighter these days. So what’s up with the extreme wheels?

At least the cops were there to protect him (jk) in case of any disturbances. After his concert, Brown was hauled off by waiting sheriff’s deputies, who arrested him on a warrant for an outstanding assault charge out of Tampa, reports TMZ.

He was booked into Palm Beach County Jail and released after posting $2,000 bond.