Cindy Crawford in Miami for book launch

Talk to Cindy Crawford for any length of time and you’ll realize why she is, well, Cindy Crawford.

The regal posture; the genuine smile; the sweet, brown eyes. Cindy Crawford is all that. The whole package. Just as pretty on the inside as out. She’s also a consummate professional. One of the original supermodels was all over Miami last week, while laying her flawless head at 1 Hotel South Beach, for a handful of appearances to introduce locals to her photographic memoir, Becoming.

The only constant: Unlike many local folks, the 49-year-old was always on-the-dot punctual.

“I’m very organized,” Crawford said Tuesday at a luncheon at Faena Miami Beach at Casa Claridge’s Hotel.

Crawford attributes much of her continued success to treating modeling like a job, not a lifestyle.

“I was on time, I worked hard and came prepared,” she said. “I would give that advice to anyone and not just in the modeling industry, but in any profession.”

Writing Becoming was not on Crawford’s bucket list. “They’d approached me over the years, and I didn’t want to do another makeup book and I had done the workout videos. I didn’t have anything new to say there,” explained Crawford, who has a skincare company, Meaningful Beauty.

“I also didn’t want to do another big coffee table book that you look through once and put back on the shelf.”

Finally, the timing was right, thanks to a big birthday knocking on her door in February.

“Turning 50 wasn’t something I was looking forward to,” she admitted. “But I thought, ‘You can either embrace it or run from it.’ ”

Becoming spans her 30-year-plus career with 50 images and 50 life lessons she learned along the way from starting out in a small town in Illinois to moving to New York City and hitting it big. Really big.

“I look at these pictures, and I can see my own growth. I’m not the same girl,” she said of the tome, which is also a thank-you note to the more memorable photographers who shot her. “I was so proud to have worked with many of the greats, some of whom are no longer with us.”