Hold up. So Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have ‘split up.’ Were they even ever together?

Well, this has to be the weirdest non-relationship in Hollywood, like ever.

We heard on Thursday that Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx had “split up” after five years of …what? Playing coy?

This “couple” couldn’t seem to make it work due to “trust issues,” reports RadarOnline.

The site adds that the actress and comedian were set to wed sometime soon in Paris, but that Holmes called it off and is “devastated.”

But how “devastated” could the former Dawson’s Creek star, 39, be? OK, so they walked on a beach together in what seemed like a staged appearance last Labor Day and they made only one public appearance that we know of, at at Clive Davis’ pre-Grammy party in January.

Whenever the ex “In Living Color” castmate was in Miami to various events, including Irie Weekend, he arrived to red carpets sans Holmes on his arm. And in 2016, Foxx was seen holding hands with a mystery blond while in town.

And when asked over the years about his rumored girlfriend, the Oscar winner didn’t exactly gush over her. For example, in February when the 50 year old was speaking with “SportsCenter” host Michael Smith about the NBA All-Star Celebrity Game, Foxx walked out of the interview when the topic of his love life came up.

A few days later a TMZ reporter inquired about Tom Cruise’s ex, and he referred to Black History Month and joked that there will be no “no white girls until March 1.″

Hold up!