Are Drake and Blac Chyna really dating? This would be an interesting couple, for sure.

Here’s an interesting bit of gossip: We heard that Drake and Blac Chyna may be dating.

Are they or aren’t they?

All the way over in England, UK’s OK Magazine reports that maybe, possibly, yeah.

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The model was spotted at an L.A. club partying with the Canadian rapper. Star reports that they were out until 5 a.m. Whoa.

Drake is single, kind of. He just fessed up to having a kid with a former porn star.

And Chyna, well she’s still intertwined with her baby’s father. That would be Rob Kardashian.

This is getting interesting. They’re both also frequent Miami visitors, who have a history.

The former King of Diamonds stripper has talked about Drizzy before. She claimed on Twitter back in 2011 that he referenced her in his song, “Miss Me.” And he seems he did with the lyrics, “Call up King of Diamonds and tell Chyna it’d be worth the flight. I’ll be at my table stackin’ dollars tio the perfect height.”

Or maybe they just want to talk about the life of a single parent?


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