Will Smith's surprise performance at Tucan

Will Smith is on a roll in Miami!

South Florida seems to bring out the erstwhile rapper’s creative juices. The star of upcoming NFL movie Concussion popped into new Brickell hotspot El Tucán Miami Thursday night to dine, then later give an impromptu performance.

It is unclear if Smith planned to get up on stage at the nightlife venue, which has a wild, cabaret Baz Luhrmannesque atmosphere, but it happened, folks.

How it went down:

Smith came in to dine with his manager James Lassiter and friend Violet Camacho and catch the first seating of the show by Brazilian American band Complicated Animals .

Smith and co. remained on the down-low as they supped on a meal by Michelin-Pedigreed Chef Jean Paul Lourdes and sipped on cocktails by Bar-Lab.

Tucan MC Travis Benton knew who was in the house. Onlookers say he gave a telltale shout-out to the crowd, saying over the microphone that Benton “felt like a Fresh Prince.”

Smith smiled at the mention but did not take the stage until the venue’s jazz performer Jahzel Dotel uttered one of Smith’s infamous lyrics, “Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami.”

When Jahzel mentioned she was thirsty, Smith finally stood up and brought a glass of water up to her and the crowd went wild.

The bon vivant movie star, who recently revealed a musical comeback (including his first album since 2005’s Lost and Found) then started free styling to Latin beats alongside the 11 piece Latin band.

Welcome back, Will!