Justin Bieber apparently forgot his bathing suit, went swimming at this Miami Beach hotel anyway

Eyes up here, folks.
Eyes up here, folks.

He’s made enough money over the years to be able to afford a nice swimsuit.

We’re talking about Justin Bieber, who was photographed in his underwear on Friday, while in town loving it up  with new fiancée Hailey Baldwin, reports Yahoo News. The model and daughter of Stephen Baldwin was working Miami Swim Week.

Later on, the “Baby” singer posted on Instagram a photo of him and Hailey kissing inside a hot tub. They were reportedly staying at the SLS South Beach Hotel, where security was super tight so they could have privacy, reports E! News.

Regardless, paps were able to zoom in on his barely there outfit, while Biebs was hanging out with some friends poolside.

At least Baldwin, 21, had on more than panties.

We know it’s hot here in Miami, but jeez. Don’t you know the world (Internet) is watching? Leave your Calvin Klein underwear modeling to the advertising campaigns. In South Florida, men just don’t do that.

Maybe he’s just so deliriously happy in love he has zero you  know whats to give.

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