Ariana Grande is wearing a bandage on her hand. What happened to her?

Is she OK?

Last Tuesday, Ariana Grande was seen sporting a bandage on her left hand on social media.

So what happened?

UsWeekly reports it was James Corden’s fault. Sort of.

She teased that a mishap went down during taping of an upcoming Carpool Karaoke with the British TV host on the “Late, Late Show.” The episode aired Wednesday, and she already had the bandage on while she was doing the karaoke in the passenger’s seat as you can see in the video.

No hard feelings. Grande posted a light note on Insta, joking that she likes the way her bandage looks and saying she’ll be OK “one day.”

As for Corden, he Tweeted he had the “Best.Day.Ever.” with the Boca singer. Apparently, he was not injured at all.