‘It’s a shame:’ Fat Joe responds to Eric Benet’s anti-rap comments

Fat Joe is not going to take Eric Benet’s recent rant lying down.

The hip hopper is a little hot and bothered about a meme Benet posted the other day.

“Rap Artists if all you rap about is: Killing black people, Degrading Black women, Abusing drugs, Materialization, Living a Low Life – You are not a artist. You are a black face for white supremacy, you are being used to help DESTROY your own people,” Halle Berry’s ex wrote.

The strongly worded post had close to 8,000 likes by Wednesday morning but it also had a lot of critiques.

Inconvenient truth to some of the rich and famous.

A post shared by Eric Benét (@ericbenet) on Aug 5, 2018 at 1:48pm PDT

“Really? An industry that has created 10s of thousands of black millionaires and billionaires…and helped lift communities out of poverty while creating a global industry and following that transcends culture color and situations you call being an agent of white supremacy?” wrote djamesmcq. “I’m curious as to who exactly he has in mind saying this? Nas? Rick Ross? Meek Mill? Jay Z? Drake? Who? Very vague…probably for a reason.”

Now Fat Joe is chiming in: “That’s his opinion. I view music as entertainment, man – you have different rappers for different messages,” he told TMZ. “You’re going live your life behind a rap song. You’re the fool.”

The part time South Florida resident and rabid Miami Heat fan has no anger toward the music star, just sympathy.

“It’s a shame. I love Eric Benet.”