Magazine editor in row with Jose Canseco

Miami-based Haute Living CEO Kamal Hotchandani has found his name in bold face on because beleaguered ex baller Jose Canseco has been threatening him on Twitter claiming he “screwed [Canseco] out of $350K in a previous business deal.” TMZ’s story alleges that boxing heavyweight Andre Berto, a pal of Hotchandani’s, is telling Canseco to stop taunting his friend — or else. Hotchandani’s lawyer Sandy B. Becher says the whole thing is “a flagrant attempted shakedown, extortion and defamation of character out of the blue and well more than a decade later.” Continues Becher: “I can confirm that I am in possession of copies of canceled checks made out to Jose Canseco in 2004 and 2005 for stock distributions and final liquidation payments to the tune of many tens of thousands of dollars. So when he says he never saw a dime that’s an outright lie. In addition, his investment was $250,000 and not $350,000.”