Mexican-born Stephanie Sigman the newest Bond girl

Stealing screen time away from Daniel Craig’s James Bond may not be easy, but it sure looks that way for Mexican-born actress Stephanie Sigman. In the new Bond movie ‘Spectre’ she plays Estrella and lays her claim as the newest Bond Girl. The 28-year-old currently stars as Valeria Velez in the Netflix hit ’Narcos’ and was in Miami on Wednesday night for the ‘Spectre’ movie premiere at Regal South Beach and for Belvedere vodka’s afterparty at 1 Hotel on Miami Beach. We caught up with her to discuss her new fame, her obsession with Spiderwoman and her inspirations.

Q: What does it mean for you to be the first Mexican-born Bond Girl, and one of only four Latina women to play the part?

A: It’s such an honor for me. It means a lot and is something I think a lot of actresses and a lot of girls dream of being. I feel so luck and blessed that I get to work with these people who are amazing and they make me feel very welcome. It feels great to be a Bond girl.

Q: We see that a few years ago for Halloween you dressed as a comic book super hero character Spiderwoman. Are you a big comic book super hero fan?

A: I specifically am into Spiderman and Spiderwoman, the comic books. Spiderwoman from the 80s is so sexy and I think it’s also because I did gymnastics for a long time. Visually I think it is amazing what that super hero and Spiderwoman can do. But even more than being a comic nerd or fan, I just specifically have a thing for Spiderman and Spiderwoman.

Q: So what were you for Halloween this year?

A: This year for Halloween I was working. My characters name was Stephanie, as well. I am doing ‘Shimmer Lake’, an independent movie in Toronto, so I was working that night.

Q: We’ll be watching you in the new Belvedere Bond commercials. Are you a vodka girl, and if so, what’s your drink of choice?

A: Of course I am a vodka girl. And when you drink a martini, there are so many variations, you can decide based on your mood. Right now I am very into this Belvedere Spectre martini, which is with a Sicilian olive, and it is so good. And of course, shaken, not stirred.

Q: You have a fantastic Instagram account! Can you give us a couple tips on what makes a good post? What’s the secret to success on Instagram?

A: Well I never thought it was fantastic. I actually thought I was pretty bad at social media. And my manager always tell me ‘Don’t post that’ or ‘That’s too much’ or ‘You’re wearing no makeup’. But I try to be myself because if someone is going to follow me, they will because of who I am.

Q: Who has been your greatest inspiration during your rocket ride to stardom?

A: My family and friends are shocked I am traveling so much and I don’t have time for them at all. But you don’t expect that in this job. There is a lot of inspiration out there. Right now I really enjoy following on Instagram Selma Hayek, she is great, and Kate Hudson. And I admire those women because they have been in this business for a long time and they are so good at what they do. And they work hard, and that’s what my dad and my mom taught me when I was young – to work hard.

Q: What do you think of Miami?

A: I love Miami. It’s an amazing city and actually my first job in the States was in Miami and I spent a month and a half in Miami. That was for a pilot for USA network. It was my first role in English ever and I was playing a Colombian character and it was just so much fun to be in Miami. I loved it.