Who is Gente de Zona’s Alexander Delgado dating? He finally broke his silence

Alexander Delgado from Gente de Zona.
Alexander Delgado from Gente de Zona.

Rumors abound about singer and director of the group Gente de Zona, Alexander Delgado’s love life.

After months of silence and speculation about an alleged reconciliation with Cuban model Mily Alemán, with whom he has a son, the artist broke his silence and spoke publicly of his private life.

In an interview on “El Gordo y la Flaca,” he said he has been being single for the past two years.

“I’ve been living alone for two years. I’m single,” he said, after referring to the popular saying “better alone than in bad company. ”

The vocalist of Gente de Zona said that on weekends he sees his children. However, he did not mention Sofia, whom he recognized as a biological daughter after Cuban model María Aventín Vargas accused him of not denying paternity of the then one year and three month old girl.

“I just received the pleasant news that Sofia is my biological daughter. I am excited to have another girl and I will make sure to give her the same affection as my children,” said the artist earlier this year.