DWTS cast members will present SWAY: A Dance Trilogy at Olympia Theater

Dance meets charity this December thanks to Maksim Chmerkovskiy, former cast member of Dancing with the Stars.

The Olympia Theater in Downtown Miami will welcome Chmerkovskiy, his brother Valentin, Toni Dovolani and other familiar members of DWTS. Together, they are inviting audiences to come see them perform Sway: A Dance Trilogy.

“It’s a show, within the show, within the show because all the people will recognize the faces that they love to watch on TV – on their favorite dance shows,” Maksim added.

Sway: A Dance Trilogy, is a theatrical production owned by Dance With Me Studios. The show, will be presenting its fourth installment starting Dec 3., with this being their first time in Miami.

The Dancing with the Stars members will be joined by Olympic Gold Champion, Meryl Davis, as well as Rumer Willis and other guests, to create a musical performance that includes salsa, ballet, Argentine tango, hip-hop, modern and jazz within other genres.

The three-part-performance lasts two hours, and each session represents the personalities of the lead dancers: Dovolani, Valentin and Maksim. 

It begins with Dovolani leading a production that transports the audience to the 1940s and 1950s Manhattan nightclub scene.

Valentin then takes over for the second part, with a session that emphasizes on urban and hip-hop influences.

The show closes with Maksim’s performance; a production that mimics South Beach, by transmitting a fusion of Miami’s salsa scene with mixed tunes of various Latin melodies.

“I just want people to come and literally donate to the cause and in return, we’re gonna put on a show for you so you don’t feel like you’re just being taken money from,” Maksim said. “In return we’re gonna give you an amazing time.”

Sway will feature five shows running from Dec. 3-6.

Fifty percent of the ticket sales will be donated to Alfalit International, a non-profit organization that was founded in 1961, and provides 120,000 people in 24 countries, with literacy, education, community development and health services within other forms of assistance.

Throughout the dates, a fundraising gala, a golf tournament and an educational dance camp will also be done to help raise funds for Alfalit International.

“I think Sway is an amazing opportunity to draw attention to Alfalit,” said Maksim. “I think people underestimate the power that you have when you can read and the absolute despair you’re in when you can’t. I am very happy and very proud that we are part of this.”