Trey Songz and friends spend the day giving back.

The season of giving is upon us and Trey Songz couldn’t agree more.

The singer gathered with friends, family and his closest fans at Lou La Vie Luxury Car Rental in downtown, where they made sandwiches and put them in brown paper bags along with other snacks.

The event was a collaboration between Songz’s foundation, Angels with Heart and #HashtagLunchbag, a non-profit organization founded in California that focuses on gathering people at a designated location, making lunches and handing them out with the objective of feeding the hungry.

“Giving back is a feeling that is undeniably one of the best feelings in the world because it’s not something you can buy, and it’s something special – that feeling that you can only give somebody from the bottom of your heart and the way that it feels is incredible,” said Songz, who flew some of his fans into Miami from other parts of the country to spend the day with him and participate in the event.

Among the group choosing to contribute to the Miami community was DJ Khaled, who calls the city his home and says giving back is the number one rule in his book.

“Every day of my life I try to give back – if it’s a friend or the homeless or kids in need, or even going to schools and talking to kids,” said Khaled, who is also planning a turkey drive and other community holiday activities. “Giving back is the most amazing feeling in the world. I try to give so much every day not just for the holidays, but also for Miami.”

The social fiesta was successfully assembled. With music by 1035 The Beat bouncing off the walls, luxurious cars spread around the gallery and numerous pop-art style paintings displayed, various work centers were stationed, where the group completed different tasks in order to put together the lunches that they later went and gave out to hungry families and children.

While out delivering the food, Songz also played with the kids, took pictures, signed autographs and made many smile.

At night, the Slow Motion singer celebrated with more friends and family at Nikki Beach. With music by DJ Irie, he partied with the NASCAR crew in celebration of their weekend kick-off in Miami. NASCAR also donated to the Angels with Heart Foundation.

Surrounded by ladies, family and friends, the singer looked like he was surely enjoying himself. He later headed to STORY nightclub, where he also hosted the evening.