Jamaican pop star OMI at club opening

The young man responsible for that addictive song you just couldn’t get out of your head all summer supplied the entertainment Wednesday night at the grand opening celebration of The Related Group’s lifestyle destination Hyde Beach Kitchen + Cocktails, 111 S. Surf Rd., Hallandale Beach.

Cheerleader singer OMI delivered an energetic beachside performance, belting out the worldwide chart-topper as well as stuff off his new album Me 4 U, like Drop in the Ocean and Hula Hoop. Guests swayed to the beats in the sand, while the property’s mega developers Sam Nazarian and Jorge Perez milled about the three-story venue.

OMI liked Hyde’s proximity to the ocean.

“I’m from Jamaica, so there’s nothing like the beach,” said the entertainer born Omar Samuel Pasley. “It goes deep with us, you know. There’s nothing like a cool, relaxing space where you can just lounge out.” South Florida feels like home, period. “They’re very similar places. The climate is pretty much the same and I can still get Jamaican food here, and that means a lot,” said the 29-year-old. “It even tastes like it does at home. I’ve been to some places that really nailed it.”

OMI is still overwhelmed by his success of his debut dance track, whose peppy video was filmed on Haulover Beach.

“Cheerleader went platinum three times in the U.S. and Hula Hoop is doing very well, so it’s been a pretty exciting journey,” he said. “The album is doing well also, which isn’t easy in this day and age because everything is so accessible, so I am very grateful for the position I’m in right now.”

Inspiration was and continues to be his mom, OMI’s real-life cheerleader:

“I attribute a lot of my success to her because she’s literally been there since day one so I think that if anybody should get that title, she’s most fitting, and I say that with no apology.”