El Puma talks about nearly dying from lung disease: ‘I was waiting for a miracle’

José Luis Rodriguez El Puma.
José Luis Rodriguez El Puma.

Six months have passed since José Luis ‘El Puma’ Rodríguez underwent a double lung transplant in Miami as his only chance to survive the lung disease that he was diagnosed with in 2000.

The Venezuelan singer said on Tuesday in an interview with the Colombian radio station W Radio that he was so sick from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis that he felt constantly weak.

“I did not know if I would see the dawn of another day. I was really at the end, I was waiting for a miracle,” he said.

El Puma recalled his last concert in Barranquilla, Colombia, and was hopeful to return to the stage next year.

“With the favor of God I will continue singing next year, I have projects,” said the artist, among them are plans to give lectures about his experience.

The singer said that the only thing he knows for sure is that the lung donor who changed his life was not a singer, because his lungs were not developed like a singer’s.

“I have to expand, develop, do breathing exercises,” he said.

El Puma was admitted to Jackson Memorial Hospital on Dec. 16, 2017 when he was notified that the organs of a compatible donor were available, news he awaited for several years.

“I have passed from death to life. To return to life is to be born again. I feel that breathing is something extraordinary,” he said in a statement last April, four months after undergoing the double transplant.

Courtesy Noticias Caracol