Derek Jeter’s former teammate just shared a secret about him. Hint: It’s about money.

What a jokester (or maybe a bad sport?). We’d like to think the former, not the latter.

San Diego Padres pitcher Phil Hughes said in  a Barstool Sports podcast that Derek Jeter had a funny thing he would do when he lost a bet: pay you back in a ton of loose change, no matter the amount.

“He had this thing. He liked to do small little wagers every now and then. But he was such a competitor that if he lost, he would pay you in pennies,” Hughes said on “Pardon My Take.”

The player had no idea how Jeter came up with that many pennies, and surmised the Miami Marlins co-owner sent someone to the bank.

“It would be like a hundred bucks on something stupid like a college football game that’s going on or something. And if he lost, he would literally have a bag of pennies the next day. And it was not like a dollar. It was a hundred bucks. It’s a lot of pennies. ”

Hughes played for the Yankees from 2007 to 2013, winning a World Series with Jeter in 2009.