Jaime King greets crowds at new H&M

Jaime King walked into the spanking new H&M store at Dolphin Mall Thursday, looking like a million bucks.

So it’s hard to believe her when she says she is surviving on no sleep.

“I have two boys — a 2-year-old plus a 4-month-old — so yeah, I’m kind of dragging,” said the model turned actress in a white tailored blouse and jeans. “That’s why I’m like, Ugh, I literally am dragging.”

So where are the dark circles?

King, who first came to moviegoers’ attention costarring with Ben Affleck in 2001’s Pearl Harbor (as James King) apparently practices what she preaches.

“I think beauty comes from within,” she said. “But I do drink a lot of water and never leave the house without SPF.” The mood of the opening of the 35,000-square-foot store also helped pep her up. A DJ blasted hip-hop as droves of shoppers waited patiently to get inside and snag an H&M T-shirt as well as randomly allotted gift cards valued from $10 to $500. H&M’s US president Daniel Kulle was on hand chatting with VIPs. 

“Ya gotta love Miami,” King said, laughing. “I figured, ‘Oh, it’s 11 in the morning, so this will be a mellow event.’ But no! This is great, though.”

The Sin City star, 36, was eyeing a few holiday pieces for herself among the racks and racks of glittery tops, glamorous maxi dresses and sparkly accessories. “I love how H&M has something for everybody. That’s what I appreciate about them.”

This year, it’ll be a Hollywood-style Christmas for the Omaha, Nebraska, native. She’ll be heading over to one of her best friend’s houses. That’d be Jessica Alba.

“She does an amazing job,” said King of the actress/Honest entrepreneur. “She puts so much care into everything. So fun and festive. And she’s like family.”