New reality show stars Miami couple

Rich and his wife, DawnChere Wilkerson, were in the thick of it.

The couple, costarring in the Oxygen reality show Rich in Faith (premiering at 10 p.m. Wednesday), live just east of Wynwood, so witnessed the action of Art Week up close.

“We are right there,” said DawnChere. “It’s a little crazy, for real. Every year it changes and gets bigger and better. It blows my mind.”

Rich has his own way of dealing with the traffic and crowds. “I dominate Citibike,” he said of the bicycle rental stations. “I’m the guy holding up traffic on U.S. 1. I’m the guy you’re honking your horn at.”

Yep, we have true locals on our hands. And Rich in Faith will give Miami its due. But viewers will see a softer side of our town, not the flashy metropolis featured in say, Real Housewives or Million Dollar Listing.

“We get asked why we are doing this because we’re not reality TV fans,” said Rich. “But love it or hate it, it’s the language of our culture. And for us it’s another great platform to encourage and help people.”

In each half-hour episode, cameras capture Rich and DawnChere amid their daily routine, which includes moving away from working at the pastor’s parents’ Trinity Church in Miami Gardens and mounting their own church called VOUS in Wynwood. There will be individuals’ stories of pain and loss — a patient with cancer, a couple having problems in their marriage, drug addicts.

Drama? Sure. But not the kind you get from Keeping Up with the Kardashians, which stars the Wilkersons’ pals, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. Rev Rich (as he is known) officiated their Italian wedding in May 2014, but the new parents will not make an appearance. Translation: This is family-friendly fare.
“I’d rather be the person that lights a candle instead of cursing the darkness,” Rich said simply. “Of course, everyone’s life has drama, but all things have a resolution.”