DJ Khaled’s new line of furniture looks like El Dorado had a baby with the Versace Mansion

DJ Khaled hanging out at El Dorado Furniture talking about gold couches.
DJ Khaled hanging out at El Dorado Furniture talking about gold couches.

First things first. Let’s talk about what a maverick DJ Khaled is: He is a hit producer, Snapchat celeb and he actually spends time with his son, Asahd.

Now this jack of all trades has debuted a line of furniture that looks exactly like what you would expect a hip hop producer’s line of furniture to look like: An updated version of something out of the set of “Scarface.” But not the part of the movie when he was poor obviously – the mansion part.

DJ Khaled presented his new line on Thursday, Aug. 30 at the El Dorado Furniture in Pembroke Pines. The line will be available at the iconic Miami furniture chain and DJ Khaled is excited. “I remember buying my first house like 12 years ago,” he told the Miami Herald, “I came to El Dorado to buy furniture so it’s crazy now that I’m here back at El Dorado with my own line.”

DJ Khaled hanging out at El Dorado Furniture talking about gold couches.

First, let’s discuss the name of the line: We The Best Home. Taken from one of the many catch phrases that DJ Khaled sprinkles on every single track he produces, grammar is not the point. The point is that your house is about to be FRESH TO DEATH. Why furniture, though? Probably because DJ Khaled realized that they don’t want you to “have a beautiful, leather wrapped sectional with a giant gold key arm rest.”  But he does. He wants you to have that and so much more.


The line features four different collections: The Major Key Collection, the Iconic Collection, the Baller Collection and the Lion Collection. The Baller Collection is especially made for Miami complete with a gold leather sectional and matching table. The Iconic Collection features a line of boxes – for your sneakers.

Here are a few things we are really excited about:

These Lions


About the Lion Collection, We The Best Home says this: “Our flagship lion statues are the boldest of the bold and represent leadership, presence and the hunger of nature’s apex predator – the lion.” When someone walks into your home and sees that you have Golden Lions they will know automatically that you are person of class and distinction.

This office situation

This is where I count my money.

Look, if you don’t have two Major Keys holding up your glass-top desk and a wall of more golden lions behind you, how are you going to get any work done. Also, if your office chair doesn’t look like a throne, complete with plush velvet cushions, then you might as well be in a cubicle with a swivel chair.

The chair is DJ Khaled’s favorite piece: “I love the throne – every king and queen should have one,” he said.

And this is how you are supposed to look when you sit in it.

I'm a boss. You're a worker.

The line includes wall hangings, end tables, sofas, mirrors and everything a baller on a budget would want to pimp out their 4/2 in West Kendall. Prices are moderate, the most expensive pieces are the sofas which are priced under $2000. Take a look at the whole collection here.

“I want to say there’s something for everyone,” said DJ Khaled. Especially everyone who loves gold leather.