Carson Kressley has an eye for art

Star watching, anyone?

One of the many celebrities in town for the main event, aka Art Basel, was one-time Queer Eye for the Straight Guy star, lifestyle expert Carson Kressley, who unveiled a collaboration Friday with the Oliver Gal contemporary art gallery in Wynwood. “

Kressley’s infectious creative personality was a great source for our collaboration,” said Lola Sanchez, co-founder of Oliver Gal. “The pieces blend urban and abstract motifs — timeless with a modern edge.”

As for what inspired his creations, Kressley, who studied art history at Gettysburg College, said, “I think that art is the finishing touch for a room. The final step that gives it personality and individual style. My collection combines my love of horses, dogs and fashion with interior design.”

What does he want visitors to the gallery to take away from from his pieces?

“I think just having art that is at an accessible price point is great and that there is wonderful artwork out there for every budget and every taste. Go out there and explore and become a collector of sorts. It doesn’t need to be an expensive or daunting process. Just buy what you love, and it will work.”

Kressley loves visiting the area, certain spots more than most: “I’ve been coming here since the late ’90s when I did photo shoots in South Beach as a stylist for Ralph Lauren,” he said. “While it’s always been a fab and fashionable place to get away, it’s now a real art and design destination that can compete with any city in the world. And of course the eye candy at the beach is world class, too!”

 Info: Kressley’s pop-up shop is open until Dec. 29 at OG, 2819 NW Second Ave., Miami; 954-922-3374;