Where do Miami’s hottest celebrities go to look ‘flawless?’ This new place.

Question: How do local celebrities keep looking so fine?

Obvious answer: They get help.

One new place where stars like Blac Chyna, Young MA and Amara La Negra are lining up is Flawless Icon Med Spa, in the on the rise neighborhood known as “Midpoint,” at  222 NE 79th Street.  Our girl Trina is set to open a franchise nearby soon, according to GM Frantz Clervil.

The sprawling, loungey spot, which opened in July, started with just laser hair removal. Now they’ve branched out to include such services as IV therapy, laser lip, teeth whitening, veneers, cellulite treatment, anti-aging injections, alopecia treatment, deep tissue massages, facials and skin tightening.

Clients are both male and female. Former NFL running back  Willis McGahee was recently in to get his underarm zapped (real men don’t use wax). The athlete had the “Armpit Special,” he told TMZ Sports, because he “got tired of shaving.” Hip hopper Flo-Rida has stopped by as well.

Owner Melanie Fields, who looks pretty flawless herself, used to juggle two jobs: an office job during the day, exotic dancing at night. Now she’s happily helping to make Miamians beautiful as a full time gig.

“Everyone should look like a flawless icon,” said the native Trinidadian, whose complexion is like butter. She is living proof of what a little med-spa assistance can do.

“The beauty industry is huge,” said Fields. “With the technological advances and top of the line products available nowadays, there is no reason not to have healthy skin.”