Elijah Wood spins at Brickell construction site

Elijah Wood’s been around movie sets for a while, with his first major role being 1992’s Radio Flyer at just 11 years old. At 34, Wood’s baby face is still intact, but the actor’s all grown up now. With 93 credits on, including The Good Son, North, The Lord of the Rings, TV’s Wilfred and more recently, The Last Witch Hunter, Wood has definitely been there, done that.

These days, the native Iowan has taken a step back from movie sets, tapping into a different creative side. He’s one half of Wooden Wisdom, with buddy, L.A. DJ Zach Cowie. The two, who met through friends about five years ago and discovered a mutual taste in obscure music, were at the site of Brickell City Centre, a soon to be mammoth shopping center on South Miami Avenue. Later on, the high-tech ceiling was illuminated in dramatic fashion.

“This is not necessarily what we expected,” said Wood, from the second floor of the vast space with workers in hardhats milling about below. “The fact that this is still so industrial makes it kind of special and cool.”

Further proof that Wood is an adult now: He orders an Old Fashioned, proudly telling you the cocktail’s ingredients: whiskey, bitters and orange peels. “I highly recommend it,” says Wood. Wit those wide blue eyes shining, it’s tough not to still see him as the kid playing with downed power lines in The Ice Storm.

But when he takes to the turntables, Wood transform into professional DJ and got the crowd moving with a mix of lounge-y tunes. Wood’s smile was contagious — he’s obviously loving this new stage of his career.

“It’s a blast,” he admitted. “Just great fun.”

Wooden Wisdom’s process is constantly evolving.

“We just play records for people to dance to,” said the actor, whose latest movie, Cooties, came out on DVD Tuesday. “We kind of make it up when we get there. There is musical conversation that occurs. Zach will play something that inspires me and I’ll play something in response. That’s how it goes. We’re kind of making it up as we go along.”

The guys will be back in January to spin at Bardot.