Pamela Anderson rings in 2016 in Miami at FIFTY Ultra Lounge

Times are a-changing. One example: Playboy’s decision to put the kibosh on showing naked ladies (kind of their thing). The final issue featured Pamela Anderson, one of the mag’s most celebrated go-to girls – one that could check off all the correct boxes with regards to Playmate requirements: Hair (blond and big!); bust (as much as possible); bod (smokin’ hot); smile (electric).  But Anderson can check off a lot more boxes than the average Playmate. She’s an animal right’s activist, an actress who anchored iconic long-running series (Baywatch), mother of two boys and a businesswoman about to launch her line of vegan footwear.

To celebrate the ever forward-marching hands of time, Anderson heads to Miami this Thursday to host a New Year’s Eve blowout at FIFTY Ultra Lounge, where she will bring her squad of Miami besties like Elaine Lancaster. The festivities include music by DJs Breezy, Mikey Rawk, Avistra and Paul E., drinks aplenty plus a bird’s eye view of the midnight fireworks display over the Miami city skyline. Proceeds will benefit the Pamela Anderson foundation. 

Anderson chatted with before the party to tell us about her last nude with Playboy, her holiday and her plans for the New Year. 

Are you excited to host the party? 

Yes! I’m excited about the New Year.  I’m calling it “The year of the Vegan.” This last year was a dramatic one for me, personally and professionally. My foundation really found it’s footing. ( I have a good feeling for where I am going and I have a clean slate. 

What do you like to do when you are in town? 

I have some very close friends in Miami. Artist Marcus Suarez is a dear friend who has had 9 strokes and still paints. He is such a beautiful person and needs our prayers. Everyone loves my friend Elaine Lancaster. They both will be joining me at the Viceroy’s FIFTY Ultra Lounge. I have some other friends flying in to share our night. I’m really looking forward to it. I usually get to museums and galleries when I travel. I’ve been to Art Basel a few times but, Miami is such a party city. I normally come for events that lead to parties, then spa the next day to recover. It reminds me a bit of Vegas. It’s fun for a quick stop, on the way to Haiti. 

Do you have an outfit planned? 

No, I haven’t prepared anything. I’ll just go to my storage and pick something. I recycle. I don’t need to shop ever again. I have too much. I don’t make clothes that important. Sounds silly. I am anti-fashion. 

How was your Christmas? 

We had a very sweet quiet beautiful Christmas. Just the three of us, the boys and I. It meant a lot to me. We talked a lot. Just in a simple setting. I like to ask questions: How do they feel their lives are going? What are their new goals, passions? I like to do a lot of listening over the holidays. 

What is your favorite holiday tradition? 

My kids write me a letter every Christmas and put it under the tree for me. It always makes me cry. It is the best gift a parent can get. 

What resolutions if any do you have this year? 

I’m actually going to work out this year, look after myself better. I want to be healthier and get on a good regular exercise program. Get my tiny waist back. Pilates, Yoga. I will get more involved worldwide as an activist for activists as well as continue my fight for the environment and animals. There is a need. 

Do you stick to your resolutions normally? 

Yes, so I’m careful to be honest. 

What are you looking forward to in 2016? 

A love affair blossoming. Prosperity in mind, body, spirit. Finishing construction on my guest house. Seeing through promises I’ve made with my kids about education, work and goals as a family. Staying on track. Staying focused, streamlining. 

How do you feel about appearing in the final Playboy? What does that mean to you? 

I was very flattered when they asked me. I have been on 15 American covers now. It was such an exciting time, to be a part of Hef’s fantasy world for all these years – inspirational. Bittersweet, but I am also happy to close that chapter of my life and move on to what’s next. I don’t mind getting older. It’s a relief. I want to get to work now.  My kids have grown up so fast and well. I’m very proud of them. They are hard workers, and are gentlemen. 

This next chapter of my life should be interesting as they start their adult lives. And, I have more free time.

Any other news you would like to share with readers?

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