The Hialeah Taco Bell drive-thru lady just got remixed into a reggaeton song

It was bound to happen.

The aborted fast food transaction that went viral last week is now a song.

Yes. Si.

Refresher: A non Spanish speaking woman decided to get some chow at a Hialeah Taco Bell on Thursday night. But alas, the drive-thru worker was not able to take her order due to her lack of English speaking abilities.

Hungry local Alexandria Montgomery, in frustration, posted the video on her Facebook page, and basically the entire world saw.

Here’s the original video so you can get up to speed.

In the clip, you hear Montgomery ask the restaurant worker, “Do you have a manager here?” in an exasperated tone.

The drive-thru staffer, with a name tag reading “Luisa” answered, “Esta en su casa durmiendo.” Translation: She’s home sleeping.

Calling the patron an endearing term, “Mi vida,” Luisa (not her real name) then proceeds to tell Montgomery to basically move along because no one speaks English at the joint, and she can’t be waited on, or fed.

Now the humor people behind Facebook page Only in Dade posted a song set to what went down that infamous night in Hialeah.  The hashtag is #LuisaBell, so let’s give credit where credit is due.

The reggaeton beat starts, then, the actual dialogue:

“You don’t speak English, that doesn’t make any sense.”

Luisa slides the drive-thru door closed. Click! Cick!

The chorus: “Mi vida, mi vida, mi vida, puedes moverte por favor… ”

“Hello?” moans Montgomery.

Then the beep, beep of a car.

“Luisa. Luisa.”

The ditty is kind of catchy, in any language.

And maybe Luisa can find a second career in music videos, because Taco Bell has since fired her.