‘That’s the thing about the Internet’: Lenny Kravitz talks about that famous giant ‘blanket’ scarf

Lenny Kravitz doesn’t care what you think.

The rocker has always been a fashion-forward kind of guy, so why stop now?

Appearing on The Tonight Show Monday night, Kravitz talked about the famed  giant scarf he wore five years ago while out and about in L.A.

Host Jimmy Fallon ridiculed the music legend’s style choices almost from the start, bringing out a picture of that day back in November 2012.

His hair in dreadlocks, and wearing camo pants and his signature leather jacket, Kravitz looked embarrassed about the gift keeps on giving, on the Internet.  He explained why he threw the massive accessory on that day, which eventually became a viral meme.

“I live in the Bahamas,” said the part time Miami resident. “I’m used to the hot weather.  I had to go to the store. I thought I’d put on a little scarf to protect my throat. Now it is everything.”

Fallon volleyed back:  “This is not a scarf. This is a blanket! What in the what?!”