See the Umbrella Sky Project come down and say goodbye to your No. 1 selfie spot

It’s over, Miami. The Umbrella Sky Project is no more.

The colorful installation from Portugal-based creative agency Sextafeira, which has brightened the sky above Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables since July, was disassembled on Monday morning.

Let’s observe a moment of silence. Maybe even two. Because we really liked that installation.

We are sorry to say It's over, #Miami. The #umbrellaskyproject at Giralda Plaza in Coral Gables was disassembled Monday morning. Swipe to see it come down and say goodbye to those cheerful bursts of color because all that's left of it is our memories – and 90 billion selfies.

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The project that spawned weekly pilgrimages to Coral Gables tested our creativity. Some photographers rose to the challenge.

An accurate reflection of our souls when the Umbrella Sky Project came down.

Truth is, most of our photos of the Umbrella Sky looked more or less the same. But that didn’t matter, because we were united in our quest to defeat FOMO, and we were successful. Just ask the people who never made it out to see for themselves.

Here’s how it came down

First, the machinery showed up. Pedestrians walked by as if they didn’t know it was the end of an era. As if NOTHING WAS WRONG AT ALL.


Then the crew started to close the umbrellas. The skies were as blue as our hearts.


Workmen packed up the umbrellas while we caught a tear.


And finally, all we had left were shadowy memories. That and about 90 billion selfies.