Paulina Rubio just called got called out on Instagram by her ex. What’s the problem?

Paulina Rubio and her ex, Gerardo Bazua are apparently not doing well on the child custody front.

When it comes to coparenting, call these two the opposite of Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck.

Bazua posted a sweet picture on Instagram of their son Eros, telling his followers that the singer was alienating him from the 2 year old boy, reports People en Espanol.

The two singers split over the summer and it seems like their relationship has tanked badly since then.

Though the post was taken down, the TV show “El Gordo y La Flaca” retained a screenshot.

The caption was an open letter to the toddler, telling him it’s been over four months since they had last seen each other and that his mom was “missing.” The post goes on to say that things are not amicable between him and Rubio, but he loves and misses the child, who was born in Miami, at Mercy Hospital. Rubio has a home in the Venetian Islands.

Te extraño con el alma. Mi hijo amado. #Eros

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“For me it’s not fair, not knowing with whom you sleep, what you do or how you are feeling. I don’t have any way to communicate with you. Believe me!”

Rubio, who has a 7 year old son Andrea with ex husband  Nicolás Vallejo-Nagera, has not commented about the matter.

A search of Miami court records reveals no custody  battle  between the two on the docket, at least locally.  Though her divorce with Vallejo Nagera was contentious, with more than 100 motions filed.

Mensaje de #jerrybazua para su hijo todo parece indicar que @paulinarubio no se lo deja ver… #Repost @jerrybazua・・・EROS, Llevo más de 4 meses Suave y sutilmente esperando saber de ti, pues tu mamá esta desaparecida, como si yo tu Padre, hubiera muerto. Eso por el momento no lo sabes tu, pero tu mamá @paurubio si lo sabe. Haciendo las cosas pacificamente no ha funcionado Nada, para variar, pues no es la primera vez que tu mamá lo hace. Solo te escribo para que sepas que todos y cada uno de los días, pienso en ti y en cuanto te extraño y te amo. Ahora se que estas en España y me entero por Medios de Comunicación. Para mi no es Justo, no saber con quien duermes, que haces y como te encuentras de Salud. Tengo Nula comunicación con nadie para saber de ti. Pero creeme! Pronto estarémos juntos.

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