Reykon will perform at Univision Sports Awards

Photo by: Mike Ho
Photo by: Mike Ho

Reggaeton fans will dance away at tonight’s Univision Sports Awards.

Colombian singer Reykon will be within the artists performing during the evening, along with singer Bebe Rexha.

The artist, also plans on releasing his first official album, El Parecero [The Friend] in 2016, after almost one decade of being in the music industry, releasing radio hit singles such as Imaginandote, The Way and his most recent one, El Error [The Mistake].

“My music has always been very club-style, wanting to make everyone dance to it, but now with this song [El Error], I wanted to give it a little more of a romantic vibe,” said the artist.

Reykon began his career in his native country Colombia, where he made a career by solely releasing singles.

“I was always in a rush to release new music and the next best song, to keep feeding people some good music, and I lost track of making an album. I kept pushing it back more and more,” he said.

The album will be coming out in Feb. 2016.

The singer, who has become known internationally and recently returned from a trip to Africa, feels that having an album will open doors for new experiences for him and allow him to enter new markets.

“I believe that this album is a huge step for me and that’s great, because it’s like my official resume, or presentation letter to the public,” he said. “That is something that Reykon, who has been in this industry for so many years, has never had, and if I want to be nominated for awards and live bigger experiences, I need an album.”

Within his career moments, he looks forward to working or meeting Marc Anthony, who he admires. 

Reykon, however has worked with various major names in the industry in and out of South America. He was also one of the judges for the X Factor, Colombia, where he was in charge of picking out and training new talent.  

“It left me with so many beautiful experiences,” he said. “ I took that as a new beginning for my career, because as we [the artists] begin traveling and getting busier, we forget our roots and where we came from, and I don’t want that to happen, and when I met so many people there, with so much perseverance to get ahead in life, it really touches you and reminds you of when you were just like them.”

Other artists to perform at Univision Sports awards are Calibre 50, Luis Coronel, Cristian Daniel, Farruko, Espinoza Paz and Daddy Yankee.