Marc Anthony drops f-bomb after Trump calls relief efforts in Puerto Rico an ‘unsung success’

Marc Anthony
Marc Anthony

Singer and businessman Marc Anthony reacted indignantly and threw out a few expletives after President Donald Trump’s remarks on Tuesday regarding the government’s efforts to help Puerto Rico after the devastation of Hurricane Maria.

“I think Puerto Rico was an incredible, unsung success,” said the US president when journalists asked him about the lessons his government had learned from the island’s experience that could be applied to help those affected by the Hurricane Florence. “I actually think it is one of the best jobs that’s ever been done with respect to what this is all about.”

The comments were widely criticized on social media, where users brought up that according to independent studies the total number deaths from Hurricane Maria was 2,975.

One of the most forceful messages was from Marc Anthony, who despite being born in New York considers himself as Puerto Rican as those born on the island. Marc Anthony along with his ex-wife Jennifer López and her partner, former MLB player Alex Rodriguez, spearheaded fundraising efforts for the victims of Maria.

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Anthony wrote on his Twitter and Instagram: “Mr. President: How the FUCK is a reported death toll of 2,975 Americans in Puerto Rico (that’s right, AMERICANS!) an ‘incredible unsung success’? You promised to clean the swamp but instead made it a cesspool. Disgusting. These lives are in your hands.”

This is not the first time that the Puerto Rican star – who recently purchased an $18 million house in  Miami and has made this city the base of his company representing artists, Magnus Media-  expresses his frustration with Trump.

“Mr. President, shut the fuck up about the NFL and actually do something about our people in need in Puerto Rico. We are American citizens too!”, he wrote on September 25, 2017, when Trump angrily criticized the decision of some football players to kneel during the national anthem to protest abuses against the African-American community.