DJ Khaled is getting into the jet ski game — despite that one time he got lost on the bay

Oh, what a night.

DJ Khaled will never forget it. Nor will his legion of fans, many of whom were online watching his Snapchat feed.

The radio DJ turned music producer set out on his beloved jet ski back in December 2015 and Khaled to his see good friend Rick Ross across the bay.

But he got lost and things got real, real fast. Khaled really was lost; it wasn’t a joke nor publicity stunt.

“The key is to make it! The key is to never give up!” he yells to his followers. “The key is not to drive in the dark. This ain’t right.”

“I was out during the day,” Khaled says from a Hibiscus Island waterside mansion to discuss his new collaboration with, which involves jetskis, obviously. “I should have gotten back a little earlier, but I was having so much fun. You know Miami, it gets dark so fast.”

Lesson learned.

“Was I scared? A little. Was I nervous? A little,” the 42 year old asked rhetorically. “I had to get my sense of humor to make sure I made it home.”

Luckily, his cellphone had good wi-fi.

“My phone had  a light on Snapchat. Every time I talked to my fans I knew the message would get to my queen [wife Nicole Tuck] or anyone close to me.”

These days, Khaled still rides jet skis, all over the world (and even did some serious donuts on a WaveRunner for reporters at the event). Now that the local mogul is hooked up with, which has launched so-called “Experience” packages, the music star makes sure there is some kind of cool, fast watercraft wherever he lays his head.

“You know I love to jet ski,” he says. “I travel a lot and makes me feel like a I got a home away from home. I just holla and I get the right place – homes with pools, a little land for my son to run around, to catch a vibe. They’ll have a jet ski waiting for me and everything.”

Since become a father, Khaled hasn’t exactly slowed down, but little Asahd  (who turns 2 on Oct. 23) isn’t allowed to ride with his famous dad yet.

“He wants to get on it, but to be honest, I won’t let him yet ‘coz he’s too young,” says the “I’m the One” singer. “But every time he sees a jet ski, he goes ‘Da-da! Da-da!’ He knows, he knows.”

Khaled may travel a lot in his line of work, but the Louisiana native is here to stay in Miami, his home for the last 20 or so years.

“This is the place!” he says. “Not even just that, I’m a Florida boy. Miami Dade County. 305 for life! It’s for real.”