Creatures of the Wind new collection now in Miami stores

Creatures of the Wind’s latest collection can now be found at various locations in the city. 

Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s second wife, Jacqueline Roque, the pieces of the unnamed assortment of garments include straight, rigid lines, in a mixture of warmer and cooler tones, creating a notorious contrast within every peace.

“There was this whole exhibit that was happening at Pace and it was all of Picasso’s portraits of her and how instrumental she was to his later work, and what we liked about her is that she had such a strong esthetic presence, but she also seemed like a very rad person,” said Chris Peters, co-designer of the brand.

Both designers, Chris Peters and Shane Gabier, visited Miami for the first time and held two parties – one in Neiman Marcus of Coral Gables and the other at The Webster in Bal Harbour – in celebration of the new pieces that are now available in both stores.

Along with friends and local fashionistas, the design-duo watched a fashion show of their pieces, as they all mingled and talked about the clothes.

“Hanging out with a bunch of amazing people from Miami, [we realize] people here really have a sense of play with how they dress themselves, and they like to have fun and feel cool,” said Peters.