Get ready, Miami, for another dose of Queen Bey in April

Beyonce's Formation World Tour opens April 27 in Miami at Marlins Park.
Beyonce's Formation World Tour opens April 27 in Miami at Marlins Park.

Not since Prince Harry whipped and nay nay’ed at LIV has there been such excitement over royalty visiting Miami as there is with Beyonce kicking off her Formation World Tour at, of all places, Marlins Park on Wednesday, April 27. (Why not Sun Life Stadium? Because they’re putting a roof on that place! Get your tickets here.)


Beyonce wow’ed her fans on Sunday during halftime of the Super Bowl, performing her new song “Formation” after releasing the video online the day before.

(Talk about strategic! And the ad following the close of the halftime show? Oh yeah, for Beyonce, announcing her Formation World Tour.)


And she stole the show. As wrote, “Beyoncé dominated the show the minute she stepped onto the field, from her knowing smirks during meticulously choreographed dances to the moment when she joined Coldplay and [Bruno] Mars onstage to make sure everyone knew she could smoke them while sharing the screen.”


Now let’s get back to Mrs. Carter and the Magic City. The last time Queen Bey made a big splash in Miami was when she secretly filmed the Hype Williams-directed video to “Drunk in Love” off  her secret, surprise eponymous album released online back in 2013 at a mansion on Golden Beach. (More deets here)

Surfboard, surfboard…but we digress.


Besides hanging with hubby Jay Z at The Setai, among other places, the following is a list of some of Bey’s big Miami moments.


2014 – Destiny’s Child reunites at Zuma

Though some may consider Beyonce the Diana Ross of Destiny’s Child, there was no bowing to the Queen when the trio reunited at Zuma on Miami Beach. On a random Tuesday night in January 2014, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Wiliams and Beyonce were among a large group celebrating Rowland’s new at the time fiance,Tim Witherspoon. Also in the entourage, Jay Z and Timbaland. The group entered through a private entrance and were escorted to the back of the restaurant located at 270 Biscayne Blvd. Way. Despite that, they weren’t too elitist, posing with some children who spotted them. As the group increased in size, they were moved to a private room where they requested their own music. “Even Jay Z was dancing,” says our spy. The party ended with three huge dessert platters, lit with candles.

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Candles weren’t the only things lit, apparently, because following the dinner came that big, alleged karaoke crashing at Miami Beach’s Sing Sing. Beyonce and Rowland sang (sang!) and, yep, posed for pictures with a passed out party person. Around that same time, Beyonce shut down Jungle Island for a big bash celebrating baby Blue Ivy’s 2nd birthday. Queen of the Jungle indeed.


2013 – The Carters Take Wynwood, Havana

Oh em gee, The Carters — Jay ‘n’ Bey —  ate like regular folk at Joey’s in Wynwood (Italian food) while in town for Jay’z Magna Carter tour. They walked hand-in-hand through the arty streets for three seconds before heading into — wait for it — their customary Escalade.  But that wasn’t as big a deal as when the couple strolled around the original, old Havana — as in Cuba —  before it was open to the public. Eyes may have rolled over that one, but heads didn’t. It’s hard for people to stay angry at Queen Bey, especially when she tore up Sun Life Stadium with her hubby during the On the Run Tour, where even LeBron James, whose future with the Miami Heat at that moment was uncertain after the controversial meeting among the Big Three at Soho House days before, showed up late, albeit sporting a Heat hat.



2008 – Beyonce’s ‘Fugazi’ Ball

Beyonce was the guest of honor at Miami Children’s Hospital Diamond Ball at the American Airlines Arena. But not everyone was kvelling and bowing down. “She was onstage for a while,” says our snitch. “But when the people who paid $100,000 to hear her perform realized that we were just being shown a video of Beyonce in concert, they were pretty pissed off.”


2007 – Eatin’ at Versaille, Dancin’ at Mansion

Bey and Jay eat at Versailles! Bey was said to look “uncomfortable” but “beautiful.” “They were alone at a table and were accompanied by a driver and two bodyguards. No one but the waiter was allowed near them and they left through the back door and got into a black Escalade.”


And Beyonce shook her booty at Mansion nightclub (R.I.P.)! A rite of passage for anyone passing through town in 2007, but can you imagine Beyonce now, performing in a South Beach club? Drag Beyonce, maybe but…