Watch Nicki Minaj and Jason Derulo mix things up in two languages for ‘Goodbye’

Two fast facts we learned about Jason Derulo the new video for “Goodbye,” a collaboration with the incomparable Nicki Minaj and French singer Willy William. Our Miami boy speaks decent Spanish and he doesn’t need to wear a shirt. Like ever. This guy works out hard.

If you can catch Derulo fully clothed anywhere in this thing, let us know. We didn’t see one scene where his gym sculpted abs and pecs weren’t at least on partial display. The plot of the vid, from what we could tell, is about missed opportunities in a relationship with his lover (we’ll leave it at that).

But back to the reggaeton-ish song: It’s produced by international DJ David Guetta and its lyrics pay homage to women around the world, e.g., “Oh it’s three in the morning. When you want some you phone me. One word in español, babe, and I come and you know. Girls in Haiti they throw it. In Jamaica they roll it. Girls in Spain do the mostest. But only you got my focus.”

There’s a Spanish part, too: “Dame solo un momento. Quiero sentir tu cuerpo. Que ya no tengo tiempo. Tú y yo una noche de fuego (oui, oui, oui)

Te hablo francés like si, si, si, Te explico que soy de ti, ti, ti.”

Translation: Give me a minute. I want to feel your body. There’s not much time left. You and me one night of fire. I’ll talk to you in French like that. I’ll explain to you who I am.”

Then comes Minaj’s turn at the wheel: “Tell ’em papa and prim, a mermaid ting, and he wanna swim…I pull up on ’em and let them put the pipe in. Then I got a dash like a hyphen.  I bring the cake let them lick the icing.”

No need to read between the lines there, we get the drift.

Also we have to add, she looks amazing, with her sexy outfits and masquerade ball mask. No wonder the video got 1 million views in just three hours after it was posted to YouTube (sorry Cardi).

If the clubby tune sounds familiar, it’s borrowed from “Por ti Volaré,” sung famously by blind opera star  Andrea Bocelli.

Now, that’s another cameo we would love to check out.

Also back to what else we’d like to check out: Derulo in the flesh. The singer will be headlining the 31st Annual Boys & Girls Clubs of Broward County Rendezvous gala Nov. 10 at the Ritz Carlton Key Biscayne. To nab tickets, click on or call 954-537-1010.

Note: Organizers are not expecting Minaj as a surprise cameo.