Wynwood is getting a coffee shop where everything - including the furniture - is for sale

For a fabulous collaboration that has nothing to do with DJ Khaled, consider Wynwood’s Selina Brawlers. This new spot is a fusion of boutique slash coffee shop Brothers & Brawlers and Selina, the global  chain of  what Forbes described as a “nomad-focused hostel/hotel/coworking space” opening on October 29.
You'll take your coffee with cream, sugar and cool threads, right?
The brainchild of brothers Sebastian and Jorge Ramirez of Brothers & Brawlers and Selina’s creative director Oz Zechovoy, Selina Brawlers brews Panther and Eastlick coffees in a ‘gram-worthy backdrop designed to resemble a fab ’50s hotel exuding a communal vibe, a place for tourists and locals to hang out.
Everything you see here is for sale except, maybe, the baristas.
When Zechovoy visited Miami in 2017 on a quest to find the millennial movers and shakers of the city, he ended up in Brothers & Brawlers, where he saw an opportunity for a collaboration.  Though Zechovoy is the wanderlustier of the trio, the Ramirez Bros. are the ones with the retail gene.
Want a vintage Honda with your espresso?
“Our grandfather in particular believes everything can be sold for the right price,” said Sebastian Ramirez. “It was easy for him to let go of things, but [he] would hold onto the memories of those items, just like at Selina Brawlers, where everything is for sale.”
If ever anyone had the right to use the word curated, it’s this place, which offers everything from vintage motorcycles to art by Warhol, Daniel Arsham, The Suited Racer and local fave, Mijares. There are even hanging lamps “sourced” from an insane asylum in Chicago, Parisian street lights, theater seats from a naval military base and an antique baker’s display case.
To raise funds to afford some of these rarities, you can even work from here, doing your daily hustle in between espressos and impulse buys. After chowing down on a croissant, you can also try on some vintage and branded threads and sunglasses, peruse funky and fascinating home decor and sniff candles. But keep working because there’s a Seaweed + Gravel Yamaha for sale for the low, low price of $20,000.
Do your work here so you can afford to buy something.
“Selina Brawlers is a space for community, a place where people can gather inspiration and meet people with similar interests. We hope to engage the community through programming and special events,” says Jorge Smalls- Ramirez.
This is not your daddy’s Starbuck’s, that’s for sure.

Selina Brawlers

2819 NW 2nd Ave., Miami

2819 NW 2nd Ave., Miami