Sports Illustrated fan fest headed to Miami Beach

Chanel Iman and Hannah Ferguson at 1 Hotel on Miami Beach
Chanel Iman and Hannah Ferguson at 1 Hotel on Miami Beach

There’s another big reason to get excited about the upcoming 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue, people: The models are coming. Two lovelies who will be prominently featured in Time Inc.’s annual eye candy, Hannah Ferguson and Chanel Iman, were at 1 Hotel & Homes South Beach Wednesday to announce a free-for-all Swim Beach fan festival Feb 17-18, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., at Lummus Park.

Everyone is invited. We’re talking both genders, yes.

“Though 70 percent of our audience is male, there is a large female fan base that loves the platform and the brand,” said the magazine’s group publisher Brendan Ripp. “This issue is known as the Oscars of swimwear. The Monday [Feb. 15] when it drops, you’ll find that women immediately want to run out to the store and buy the styles they saw.”

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Iman and Ferguson

Ferguson, though mum on details of the most recent shoot, would say she is proud of the outcome.

“You’ll see a whole lot of skin,” said the native Texan, 23. “Sports Illustrated is all about empowering the sexy woman and her body and showing it off.”

Iman is still pinching herself that the dream she had so many years ago came true.

“I remember getting [the issue] when I was a young girl.. I put Tyra Banks’ cover on my wall,” said the 25-year-old who is from Atlanta, Georgia. “This is a big deal, my third year. I feel very blessed to be chosen.”

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Speaking of blessed: These genetically superior females swear that they don’t stick to a diet to maintain their sleek physiques. “I don’t really deprive myself, because that can lead to overeating,” said Ferguson. “I feel like you need to pace yourself.”

Carbs aren’t the blond bombshell’s kryptonite. “I actually don’t crave pasta or bread or potatoes,” she said. “Sometimes I’ll have a bagel with cream cheese. What I crave is ice cream! Recently I tried to switch to frozen yogurt.”

Iman wants it all.

“Shame on me!” laughed the stunner. “I’m big on sweets, pizza, everything. I don’t have a special diet but I do cut back when I know a shoot is coming up.”

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When it comes to exercise, Ferguson is a do-it-yourself kind of gal.

“I feel better without a trainer,” said the gym aficionado, who usually logs about three miles on the treadmill “to track the distance” about three times a week. “I used to hate running and I still kind of do, but I trick myself into liking it.”

Iman prefers getting out there.

“I’m big into taking hikes, plus I do a little boxing. I work with my trainer on toning. Whatever works!”

Details on the fan fest: