Asahd Khaled threw an insane party, raised $110K, and got a Ferrari. Also, he’s 2.

DJ Khaled hosted an over-the-top birthday party for his son, Asahd at Marlins Park.
DJ Khaled hosted an over-the-top birthday party for his son, Asahd at Marlins Park.

Asahd Khaled only uttered one word during his entire birthday party: Dah-dah.

But he’s a toddler, so the hundreds of guests at the carnival-themed bash cut him some slack.

Father of Asahd, also known as music producer DJ Khaled, rented out Marlins Park to celebrate his son’s second birthday, in an obvious attempt to one-up last year’s party at LIV nightclub (which was hosted by Diddy).  Asahd’s birthday is actually Oct. 23, but the stadium was only available Saturday.

Khaled also used the event to announce his We the Best Foundation’s Asahd Initiative, an effort to help underprivileged children starting here in Miami. The Khaleds invited kids from the Voices for Children Foundation, which supports children in foster care, and the Boys & Girls Club of South Beach.

“We want to help all the kids that are in need,” Khaled said. “What I want my son to embrace from all this is love. Not only do we love him, but we love the young world, and Asahd represents the young world. Asahd is a young mogul.”

Saturday’s carnival extravaganza had a Ferris wheel, bounce house, merry-go-round and giant slide. There was a petting zoo with goats from Nigeria, zebu cows from Kenya and ivory Silkie chickens flown in from Japan.

The man watching over the animals held up one of the blue-beaked chickens for me to feel. “These are the cleanest chickens ever,” he said.

Graffiti artist Alec Monpoly presented Asahd with a custom piece, and the cameras flashed. Already, everyone was sweating. Khaled used a napkin to wipe Asahd’s face.

While DJ Khaled told the crowd about the Asahd Initiative, Asahd fiddled with the DJ equipment and managed to put on a track. Everyone jumped at the sudden, loud thump of the bass. The real DJs quickly took over.

Khaled called everyone’s attention to the back of the stadium, where a red Ferrari cruised in with a birthday gift: a red, Asahd-sized, remote-controlled custom Cybex Ferrari. He barely had time to test drive his new ride, because  then it was time to cut the cake, a five-tier behemoth decorated like a circus tent.

You got Hot Wheels for your birthday when you were two.

As the guests ate dessert, the Nigerian goats escaped on to the field to the tune of Naughty by Nature’s “Hip Hop Hooray.”

During this whole affair, Asahd managed to raise into the six digits for his father’s new charity. Tot Living by Haute Living, a luxury lifestyle publication, donated $10,000, and Marlins CEO Derek Jeter made a cameo to donate $100,000.

It wasn't just a cake. It was more like a cakescape.

“I want the young world to know, you can do anything you want with love,” DJ Khaled said. “You want to be a president, a doctor, a DJ Khaled, Asahd, whatever you want to do, you can do it, but do it with love.”

“I’m inspired by all the kids in this building today,” he added. “This building right here is the future. You might have the [next] president in here.”

Derek Jeter?

I asked Asahd if he was enjoying his birthday party. He looked at me, then looked away. “Dah-dah,” he said.

DJ Khaled lovingly peered down at his son. “Asahd, what do you want to tell the whole world?”

Asahd paused. “Dah-dah,” he said.