Buddy Valastro visits Holtz Children's Hospital

Buddy Valastro and Valeria Arcila
Buddy Valastro and Valeria Arcila

Buddy Valastro not only makes amazing cakes, but he also grants special wishes.

On Friday morning, the Cake Boss visited Holtz Children’s Hospital to grant a wish to 11-year-old Valeria Arcila, who was diagnosed with a brain tumor.

Through the Make-A-Wish Foundation, Valastro was contacted and invited to grant Valeria’s wish of meeting and decorating a cake with him.

“Make-A-Wish is an organization that I’ve been involved for maybe 5 years now, and this is the first press conference I’ve ever had. I don’t do it for the publicity,” said Valastro, who spent the morning with Valeria decorating a cake with fondant. “I do it because I’m a dad, and I do it because I want to give these kids hope. I want to make their dreams come true.” 

The Italian business owner, who now has a shop in Orlando, was also in town for the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. However, his main objective for the weekend was to meet Valeria, who had been waiting more than two months for her wish to be granted.

“What an honor. You’re asking a child to have a wish, and their wish is to spend time with me, because they see my show and they like what I do,” he added.

Buddy taught Valeria how to cut fondant into floral shapes and how to affix different pieces.

He also reminded her that she had to continue fighting so she could visit him in his New Jersey bakery, which initially belonged to his father since it was purchased in 1963.

“Years later, kids come back, and they’ve recovered and to see them flourishing, is something that touches your heart, but it puts life in perspective for you,” said Valastro. “It makes you go home and thank God. When I do these, I go home and hug my kids a little tighter.”

When the new best friends finished decorating the cake, they shared it with Valeria’s family. Valastro however, let everyone in on his promise for lent: no carbs for 40 days. He did have one spoonfull of ice-cream – while jokingly asking God for forgiveness – in honor of his trip and experience with Valeria.