Prince Royce is all about his fans

Prince Royce makes it all about his fans.

The Dominican singer, had a meet-and-greet on Friday with his followers, who flocked from near and far, in order to see him and take a picture by his side.

Roses, posters and poems were among the articles the fans brought to romance the Prince of Bachata – just like he usually does to them with his music.

The iHeart Theater in Miramar, was packed with screaming girls and guys who were willing to wait hours in line just to see him.

To Royce, the support from his fans is what keeps him going. 

“Meet-and-greets are important, because it is my way to be able to get close to and have direct contact with as many fans as possible,” said Royce. “I may have a busy schedule, but it is all thanks to the fans, so being able to share that time with them is the least I can do. “

During the event, organized by iHeart Mega, the singer – who is also an ambassador of Sprint – answered a forum of questions, where he said he preferred New York Yankees over Mets, Jennifer Lopez over Sofia Vergara, and he talked about letting his hair grow out. The fans weren’t too fond of the hair idea. 

Things got really serious, when a man walked on stage with his then-girlfriend and asked Royce to sing his song: Corazon sin Cara. The man then pulled out a ring from his jacket and asked his girlfriend to marry him. Royce continued to sing through the touching moment with his song, Stand by Me.

The madness didn’t stop there! Then a fan asked if she could dance bachata with him, and sure enough, he invited her on the stage and broke it down with the girl who might have died and gone to heaven for those couple minutes.

Royce, who recently won two Premios Lo Nuestro awards, now has a total of 18. He is currently working on another bachata album for this year. Winning the awards came to him as a surprise, but not to his fans, known as the Roycenaticas, who had him trending non-stop on twitter the night of the event.

“I was totally not expecting anything at all – just to go, perform and go home,” he said. “When I got those two Premios Lo Nuestro Awards for Tropical Album of the Year and Tropical Song of the Year, I was in shock and of course extremely happy. It was definitely a nice surprise.”