Romantic proposal at Springsteen concert

Mazel tov to Karl Kaufman and a soon-to-be Mrs. Karl Kaufman, Boca Raton residents who got engaged at Tuesday night’s Bruce Springsteen concert at the BB& T Center.

Springsteen called out Mr. Kaufman, sitting in the nosebleed section of 334, saying he was about to propose to his girlfriend. Lights and The Boss focused up into the heavens as the newly engaged couple kissed and the crowd went wild.

“This surprise was the perfectly convenient intro to Springsteen’s song, Will You Marry Me? I’ve seen him probably 40 to 50 times. Love him. For the life of me I can’t figure out how that fan got him to say his name during the proposal,” said Miami fan Dan Green. “Never seen or heard of him doing anything like that. So cool. Maybe a heartfelt letter? Because if Bruce knew the guy I imagine he’d have had better seats!”

Thanks to the wonders of social media, now we know. Kaufman reached out to us after we Tweeted about the proposal and told us how it all happened.

“It was an incredible moment! I’ve always believed in following my dreams and never giving up until they come true. Last year I realized a childhood dream by appearing as a contestant on “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire” and this year I decided to try and one-up myself by seeing if I could get my hero to somehow get involved with proposing to my girlfriend. I phoned and wrote an email to Bruce’s management company explaining that I grew up in Belmar, NJ (where the original E Street is), and I wanted to propose to my girlfriend at his show in Florida. They said that Bruce gets a lot of requests and rarely does this kind of thing. I told my mom, who mentioned this to a friend back in New Jersey, who made a couple of phone calls and eventually word got back to Bruce…and I was lucky enough to be the recipient of his generosity. My fiancée Rachel [Locker Slaw] was completely shocked, strangers were buying me beers and congratulating us, and I have some pics, video, and a memory that’ll last a lifetime.”