‘It was horrible’: Racist rant at Dunkin’ Donuts in Miami Beach caught on video

Screengrab Twitter
Screengrab Twitter

Social media users are seeking the identity of a man who went on a racist rant at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Miami Beach. A fellow patron posted a confrontation between the individual and a staffer at the doughnut shop Monday.

You see him at first with his back to the camera and then he approaches the counter, where a worker is talking on the phone, possibly calling police. She says the location is at 41st Street and Sheridan Avenue.

Dressed casually in a white T-shirt and track pants, he approaches the counter and the argument escalates. You can hear the man who has an indistinguishable accent, yelling and threatening the staffer.

A witness told Local 10 that the man grew impatient because the staffer was giving a child ice cream (Baskin-Robbins is inside the shop).

“So he walks around where the line was where I was and he started to say to the lady, just like, bad words,” Maggie Gaitan told the station. “It was horrible.”

“I’m going to come back and [garbled],” says the man, who then proceeds to tell her “F— you” and call her the N-word, to which she replies, “Your mother.”

The patron calls her the N-word again at least 15 times; as he leaves the establishment, he calls her a “c–n.”

Though his facial features were not clear during the confrontation, once the man is outside he stops, looks in the window directly at the person filming him, knocks violently and puts up his middle finger.

“Oh my God,” says the woman filming the incident.

Dunkin’ Donuts released a statement regarding what happened.

“We are aware of the video and the situation that occurred at the franchised Dunkin’ restaurant located in Miami Beach. We’re disappointed by the behavior exhibited by the guest in this video. Dunkin’ and its franchisees remain committed to our shared goal of providing a positive restaurant experience for all guests and restaurant employees.”

The local incident is the latest in a string of racist rants caught on video in various cities across the U.S.