Star of Telemundo’s ‘Caso Cerrado’ faces family crisis on the week of show’s relaunch

Ana María Polo
Ana María Polo

Ana María Polo revealed on social media that she had suffered a great loss in her life. The judge of the popular Telemundo program “Caso Cerrado” was inconsolable at the death of her beloved mother, Delia Polo.

Dr. Polo had revealed on Monday that the 90-year-old Cuban matriarch had serious health issues, explaining why she was not participating intensely in social media to promote the new season of her iconic program, which began on Monday.

En estos momentos me encantaría compartir con ustedes un life video, pero desafortunadamente estoy pasando una situación extremadamente delicada con la salud de mi madre. Este es el momento de ser fuertes y mirar hacia delante, por favor disfruten de este primer capitulo de la nueva temporada de #casocerrado y déjenme sus comentarios #anamariapolo

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“At this moment I would love to share a live video with you, but unfortunately my mother’s health is very delicate. This is the time to be strong and look forward,” Polo explained to her followers.

Unfortunately, her mother failed to overcome her health problems and died on Tuesday afternoon, six months after reaching age 90.

Luego de un largo y delicado proceso de salud, les comunico con gran pena y dolor que mi madre Delia Polo fallecio hoy en la tarde. Paz a su alma y que brille para ella la luz eterna siempre.. Les agradezco de todo corazon todo su apoyo y manifestaciones de cariño en este duro momento..

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“After a long and delicate process of health, it is with great pain that I announce that my mother Delia Polo died today in the afternoon. Peace on her soul and may eternal light shine for her forever. I thank you with all my heart for all your support and well wishes in this hard moment,” she announced sadly.

In this video you can see how Dr. Polo celebrated her mother’s last birthday. Our condolences. Rest in peace.