Oops!: Timbaland missed the ferry to get to his son’s pre-Art Basel party on a private island


An exclusive pre-Art Basel party on Fisher Island isn’t the kind of party you blow off, especially not if it’s your son’s party. But music producer Timbaland was a no-show on Monday night at the Books, Beats & Basel party.

The party on the first floor of a condo featured a Miami sunset, an open bar and Miami artist Stephen Gamson with his pop up art exhibit. “To do something on this private island is very special,” Gamson said, describing Basel as the week that “this whole city transforms into the Olympics of the art world.”

Timbaland’s son DMXCI was in attendance showing off some of his writings and paintings that will be featured in a forthcoming self-published book.

Organizers of the event explained that initially, Timbaland was supposed to arrive in a helicopter, and then a yacht and then by ferry.

“Timbaland and Zaytoven got stuck at the ferry. They would not let anyone else on,” publicist Lamont Johnson later explained. “He was supposed to pull up in a yacht, but decided to just come regularly. They got stuck at the ferry checkpoint.”

Timbaland was supposed to arrive at 5:30 p.m.

“We have an extensive list of people invited to this, I hope they can all get on and make it,” Gamson said.

Obviously that ferry wasn’t waiting for anyone, not even someone as famous as Timbaland.