Trina talks growing up in Miami in upcoming Web series

Rapper Trina’s latest platform is the World Wide Web; she’s the topic of an upcoming BET web series. We spoke to the local entertainer born Katrina Laverne Taylor and who lived in Liberty City and attended Miami Northwestern High School, about the e-experience.

Tell us how you first got involved with

I am honored to have been a part of many of BET Network’s platform, so when this was presented to me by my publicist, I thought it would be a great way to give my fans worldwide a closer look inside of where I grew up at while highlighting some of the city’s landmarks that molded the young woman into the entertainer as well.

What can we learn about you from the series?

Fans will be able to catch a closer look of the neighborhood in which I grew up in, as well as some highlights that they may be able to remember including from the beginning of my career and more.

Where did you go for the taping?

We visited the area that I spent most of my time in which was my grandmother’s house and neighborhood. We also stopped by one of my old favorite places to hang out in as a teenager, my mom’s old salon. In addition, I captured the design district in Wynwood where there is a mural painting of myself which was drawn by a talented artist from Canada named Jasmin. And the last place that we stopped by was the club where I shot my first video with Trick Daddy…where I first became known to everyone.

What other news do you have?

Wow, I don’t want to spill too much but I can say that my sixth album is what I am looking forward to my fans experiencing in 2016 among other surprises.

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