Destination Fashion 2016 brought celebrities to party at the Bal Harbour Shops

Photo by: Welington Guzman
Photo by: Welington Guzman

Destination Fashion 2016 was last night’s event – organized by the Buoniconti Fund To Cure Paralysis – that brought together some of Miami’s big names and socialites to party and watch a fashion show.

Within the familiar faces were Wayne Newton, Phil Collins, Shane Battier, Karolina Kurkova, Emilio Estefan and Gloria Estefan.

“We’ve been here all the way from the beginning – when this was all a dream. After Gloria got into the accident, we know how hard it is when you are disabled,” said Estefan, who won the Outstanding Philantropists Award along with wife Gloria Estefan. “People take life for granted and I just remember when I used to have to bathe Gloria and brush her teeth, and the day that she dresses herself it was like a whole celebration. I think we should spend more time realizing that we are blessed when you are able to walk and do things by yourself.”

Destination Fashion is the only event of the year, where the Bal Harbour Shops are closed down and turned into a fantasy land for attendees to enjoy and indulge in endless drinks, donut holes, jumbo-sized cookies, mini cupcakes and finger food, while walking around the play-centers decorated in themes such as Dirty Dancing, The Beatles, Thriller and Wonder Woman, within others. If it weren’t for the Chanel and Gucci clothes displayed on the windows of the stores, you wouldn’t even recognize the location.

The event included dinner, along with a fashion show with apparel by designer Brunello Cucinelli showcasing his Spring 2016 collection. The night’s performance was by none other than Pitbull.