Trump, Clinton camps looking at E11EVEN Miami nightclub to host rally post-nomination?

Strange political things in Miami are the norm, but when the city’s razzly, dazzly nightlife mixes with politics, it’s like peanut butter and chocolate on Molly.

See: Janet Reno’s dance party at Level and or the Al Gore rally on South Beach the night before he lost the election to a dude named Hanging Chad.

Now we have it on excellent authority that a certain presidential aspirant has made several phone calls to the owners of E11EVEN Miami, that racy, 24/7 nightclub in downtown known for creating mammarie–er, memories for many a celebrity and party person who has stepped foot inside.

Why the call? Allegedly to book the place for a “huge” (we didn’t say YUGE, but we didn’t not say it either) party and or rally.

We contacted all the candidates’ mouthpieces to find out what the deal was, but only received a comment from Team Trump saying that there’s nothing greater for a big party than Mar A Lago.

Editor’s Note: Happy April Fools Day!